Have you been dreaming of possibilities for your kitchen space? Let’s face it. Renovating cabinets, counter space and appliances can be a daunting task. With so many options and high estimates, finding a budget-friendly renovation quote may feel practically impossible. Before diving head-first into the details of kitchen renovation, let’s focus on the big picture: your vision for the kitchen.

Before the big decision of oak versus maple, it’s crucial we think big picture and our goal for renovating this space. The first question you must ask is: How do I dream to use this space? For entertaining? A Big family? Food Network Wannabe? Microwaveable Meal Aficionado? Ultimately, determining the use for the space will allow you to choose the details of it.

Once you have decided your ideal use for the kitchen, the next important step is style. With so many HGTV renovation shows, you would think it would be easy to know your personal go-to style. Professional designers have had their share of discovering their unique styles, and so will you! Do you gravitate towards the Traditional style? Modern? Farmhouse? In simpler terms, do you like pieces that are symmetrical, rustic, or classic? 

For example, if you lean towards classic pieces of furniture and décor, chances are you will lean towards a traditionally designed kitchen. If you are a Joanna Gaines wannabe, you might lean towards the Farmhouse rustic vibe where wood accents, unique signage, and rustic light fixtures are included. Are your go-to decorations various shapes and sizes, with unique and varying textures? Chances are, the modern style is the way to go for you.

Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone. Here at Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, we strive to provide highly-skilled cabinetry work for any space. Call us today at (616) 399-3119 or email Steve at stevew@lakecustcab.com to schedule your free custom cabinetry consultation today!

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