It’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of September already and that fall is upon us! With that being said, here at Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, we love this time to year and all of the festivities it brings. From pumpkin patches, to bonfires, and jumping in the leaves, it’s not hard to imagine why this season can be so fun. We may be biased, but we enjoy the fall home decor that can be used to change up your home’s typical feel. In this blog post, we will be explaining three different things you can do to your house this fall to bring the color into your home. 

Door Wreath 

The first thing your guests will see while approaching your home is the front door. If you appreciate your front door or wish it looked a little different, this wreath allows for the focal point to be changed for a season. Craft stores have excellently arranged wreaths to purchase and also have the supplies if you’re interested in making your own.

All Things Pumpkin

There are so many unique ways to incorporate pumpkins in the home. One of the ways you can do this is to display pumpkins on your porch. You can get a variety of colors and stack them, carve designs on them, or have a barrel of hay with some pumpkins nearby. This will make your porch feel alive and welcoming when the other plants outside are becoming dormant. Another option you have to decorate your pumpkins within the home is getting miniature pumpkins and putting them on shelves and end tables. These can be real or decorative ones from a craft store. There are so many unique options to choose from to incorporate this season into your home without breaking the bank.

Adding in Fall Aroma

It’s no secret that the fall season brings a sense of coziness with it and what better way to incorporate this into your home than with a candle? There are so many delicious and relaxing scented candles that bring fall to you without leaving the door. 

Dreaming of More than just Pumpkin Spice?

Here at Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, we would love to come alongside you and build the cabinetry or furniture of your dreams that you can enjoy in the years to come. Fill out our contact form at today!