We all have our favorite spaces in our homes that we love to sit back, enjoy a nice cup of joe and read a book or spend time with a loved one. In the rooms that we spend most of our time, it’s important that we have a focal point of the room. What is a focal point in a room or home? Well, a focal point is the first thing you see in a space, it either sets a WOW factor or it could do just the opposite. In this blog post, we would like to give 3 helpful tips on choosing a focal point for your space.


First off, a focal point should catch the eye of the visitor (and YOU) the moment they enter the space. It needs to match and compliment your style, as well as be something that displays character and life. This could be a shelf with special accents, a decorated mantle, or even a sectional couch with a decorated coffee table. It ultimately comes down to what is the first thing you’d like your guests to think and see when they enter the space.

Proper Sizing

We all have furniture items we love, but does that mean it should be a focal point? Not necessarily. A focal point needs to occupy the space it fits well in addition to fitting the overall room as well. If a focal point is too small, it won’t look like a focal point at all. On the contrary, if the focal point is very large, it could be overwhelming and not leave the impression you were hoping for. In addition, be strategic on the location of the focal point in the space you put it.

Something You Love

Finally and most importantly, it’s important that the focal point you choose is something you love and want others to see. Thus, when envisioning what your focal point is for a particular room, think about something that you love that fits the room it will be occupying and go from there. A simple shelf-unit, tall plant, or bookshelf may be just what your space needs before it feels complete and finished.

Custom Furniture Focal Point? Yes Please!

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