Buds are on the trees, the grass is beginning to green. What a beautiful season spring is! As the world begins to come alive, our hearts begin feeling prepared for the warmer days ahead. What is your favorite part about springtime? The warm weather, the sounds, the scent, the anticipation for summer? Regardless of your thoughts on spring, there is something so sacred and special about the earth seeming to come alive. One of our favorite ways to prepare for springtime is dreaming up the perfect planter for our outdoor gathering spaces and front porch. Here in this blog post, we are here to give a few helpful tips as you begin thinking about your outdoor plants!

Bring Life to Your Porch

Planter pots full of beautiful flowers and plants add color, height, and character to any outdoor space. There are countless plants and flowers to choose from that many times it can be overwhelming to even have an idea of what to choose. 

front porch

The Tried-And-True Method

When it comes to designing the perfect flower pot there are 3 kinds of plants you should consider using: Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers. Each of these is crucial to make your flower pot stand out, and look complete. 

Thrillers– The Thriller is your focal point and typically the height of the plant. The Thriller draws the eye to the plant and gives a good first impression of the planter. Excellent thrillers can be Pretoria Canna, Angle Face Angelonia, Boulevard False Cyprus to name a few. 

Fillers– The Fillers are what make your plant look like it is flourishing and full. Typically the filler can be approximately two-thirds of the plant and take up the majority of the flower pot’s surface area. Excellent fillers can be Silver Plectranthus, Occold Shield, Meteor Shower Verbena, and Season’s King Heuchera.

Spillers– The Spillers are like what they sound like. They usually are a vine the dips down the pot to soften the line between the pot and plants. This is an excellent add-on to complete your planter. A few of our favorites are English Ivy, Sweet Potato Vine, and Petunias.

flower pot

Choosing A Pot

Once you have selected your flowers and plants from the above categories, now is the time to find a pot that is perfect for your space. Choosing a pot is dependent on your space. Our recommendation is to always look at height and color as the non-negotiables. The height of your pot is crucial so that it fits the space you have well. If it is going on a small table, the height should be around 10 inches. If it is going on a porch step, it can be about 20 inches. However, if the pot is going in front of a garage or on the ground or deck, be sure to consider a pot with a more substantial height. That way the plant doesn’t look out of place. Besides, choosing color is important as well so that it goes with your overall color scheme.

flower pots on brick wall

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We hope that now you will be able to create the most beautiful outdoor masterpieces to be enjoyed by your family and loved ones. If you would like to get in touch with us on your custom cabinetry or project needs, please fill out our Contact Form here!