Springtime is here and the warmer days are coming soon! With that being said, what better time than now to prepare decorating your home for spring? Here are a few, inexpensive ways to give the fresh new look you are hoping for!

Front Porch

The front porch is the first impression of your home. Why not make it a WOW? Consider the size of your porch. Is it big or small? Rectangular, midsize, or non-existent? If you have a big porch, find a lounge set that has multiple pieces and a coffee table so you don’t feel like you drown in the big space. Do you have a small porch? A small Bistro table set or a couple of lounge chairs can add a beautiful statement to your space. Do you just have stairs leading up the front door? Don’t be afraid to add a bold pop of color. A flower pot may be a perfect addition without overcrowding your minimal space. Looking for a more cost-effective option? Consider adding a large welcome sign or a wreath on the door. Regardless of your porch and budget, there are always options to complete your space and make your guests feel welcome right upon arrival.

Pop of Color

Do all of your decorations blend together? What better time than the beginning of spring to implement pops of color into your home? Consider changing out your old paintings for landscape canvas art. Another great way to incorporate color is through throw pillows and blankets. Use one neutral color (like a taupe for example) with a pop of color (like blue or green) and you’ll be set up for success. One final way to add a pop of color into your home for spring is through small decor items. Go to your local decor shop and find 5-8 items that all have your neutral color and a few with your pop of color. Display these throughout your living spaces for a continuous and cohesive color palate.


Nothing screams life and warmth more than live foliage in the home. Thankfully, there are so many shapes and sizes of plants you will never have trouble finding the size you’re looking for! From big tree-like plants to small and dainty ones, you are sure to find a plant that fits beautifully in your space. Whether that be for a bookshelf, a coffee table, or a countertop.

Your Turn!

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