Decorating Your Home for Spring

Springtime is here and the warmer days are coming soon! With that being said, what better time than now to prepare decorating your home for spring? Here are a few, inexpensive ways to give the fresh new look you are hoping for!

Front Porch

The front porch is the first impression of your home. Why not make it a WOW? Consider the size of your porch. Is it big or small? Rectangular, midsize, or non-existent? If you have a big porch, find a lounge set that has multiple pieces and a coffee table so you don’t feel like you drown in the big space. Do you have a small porch? A small Bistro table set or a couple of lounge chairs can add a beautiful statement to your space. Do you just have stairs leading up the front door? Don’t be afraid to add a bold pop of color. A flower pot may be a perfect addition without overcrowding your minimal space. Looking for a more cost-effective option? Consider adding a large welcome sign or a wreath on the door. Regardless of your porch and budget, there are always options to complete your space and make your guests feel welcome right upon arrival.

Pop of Color

Do all of your decorations blend together? What better time than the beginning of spring to implement pops of color into your home? Consider changing out your old paintings for landscape canvas art. Another great way to incorporate color is through throw pillows and blankets. Use one neutral color (like a taupe for example) with a pop of color (like blue or green) and you’ll be set up for success. One final way to add a pop of color into your home for spring is through small decor items. Go to your local decor shop and find 5-8 items that all have your neutral color and a few with your pop of color. Display these throughout your living spaces for a continuous and cohesive color palate.


Nothing screams life and warmth more than live foliage in the home. Thankfully, there are so many shapes and sizes of plants you will never have trouble finding the size you’re looking for! From big tree-like plants to small and dainty ones, you are sure to find a plant that fits beautifully in your space. Whether that be for a bookshelf, a coffee table, or a countertop.

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The Perfect Planter

Buds are on the trees, the grass is beginning to green. What a beautiful season spring is! As the world begins to come alive, our hearts begin feeling prepared for the warmer days ahead. What is your favorite part about springtime? The warm weather, the sounds, the scent, the anticipation for summer? Regardless of your thoughts on spring, there is something so sacred and special about the earth seeming to come alive. One of our favorite ways to prepare for springtime is dreaming up the perfect planter for our outdoor gathering spaces and front porch. Here in this blog post, we are here to give a few helpful tips as you begin thinking about your outdoor plants!

Bring Life to Your Porch

Planter pots full of beautiful flowers and plants add color, height, and character to any outdoor space. There are countless plants and flowers to choose from that many times it can be overwhelming to even have an idea of what to choose. 

front porch

The Tried-And-True Method

When it comes to designing the perfect flower pot there are 3 kinds of plants you should consider using: Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers. Each of these is crucial to make your flower pot stand out, and look complete. 

Thrillers– The Thriller is your focal point and typically the height of the plant. The Thriller draws the eye to the plant and gives a good first impression of the planter. Excellent thrillers can be Pretoria Canna, Angle Face Angelonia, Boulevard False Cyprus to name a few. 

Fillers– The Fillers are what make your plant look like it is flourishing and full. Typically the filler can be approximately two-thirds of the plant and take up the majority of the flower pot’s surface area. Excellent fillers can be Silver Plectranthus, Occold Shield, Meteor Shower Verbena, and Season’s King Heuchera.

Spillers– The Spillers are like what they sound like. They usually are a vine the dips down the pot to soften the line between the pot and plants. This is an excellent add-on to complete your planter. A few of our favorites are English Ivy, Sweet Potato Vine, and Petunias.

flower pot

Choosing A Pot

Once you have selected your flowers and plants from the above categories, now is the time to find a pot that is perfect for your space. Choosing a pot is dependent on your space. Our recommendation is to always look at height and color as the non-negotiables. The height of your pot is crucial so that it fits the space you have well. If it is going on a small table, the height should be around 10 inches. If it is going on a porch step, it can be about 20 inches. However, if the pot is going in front of a garage or on the ground or deck, be sure to consider a pot with a more substantial height. That way the plant doesn’t look out of place. Besides, choosing color is important as well so that it goes with your overall color scheme.

flower pots on brick wall

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Completing Your Space

Have you ever felt as though space in your home is lacks the final touch? It is easy to grow accustomed to our home that we often miss hidden opportunities to add character to our space. Here at Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, we find great joy in coming alongside our customers and building the finishing touch for their space. Interested in the final touch? Here are a few perks to completing your space with custom cabinetry.

Perfect Fit.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture and it just looked out of place? Whether that be the size was off, the quality lacking, or just not the look you were hoping for, generic sizing can be frustrating. Our little phrase is, the perfect fit is worth it. That is why we love working with our customers to not only build a piece of cabinetry or furniture but to build it to scale so it fits snug and perfectly in their home.

Perfect Style and Color.

When ordering online or purchasing a generic piece of furniture, it never seems to be 100% of what you were hoping for. The style might be perfect, but the color maybe a little darker than you were expecting. Or maybe the stain is good, but the piece doesn’t fit your exact style. Regardless of where you are, purchasing furniture that doesn’t fully match your style or color palette can feel like a waste of time and money. This is why choosing custom is such an incredible opportunity. Not only can you guide us in building your perfect piece in color and style, but you know it is high quality as well.

Perfect for You.

Finally, and most importantly, when you choose to complete your space with custom cabinetry or furniture, you know that it will be perfect for you. This is one of our favorite reasons! Listening to our customer’s wants and desires, and building the perfect piece for them. Often, this turns into a bigger project than just one piece of furniture. When this happens we enjoy involving our sister business Steven Walters Builders, to create the ideal space for our customer.

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Finding Your Design Style

Finding your design style can be overwhelming. Maybe you like the rustic farmhouse wood, the bohemian rattan, black rod iron, and the color blue. How now,  do you come up with a design style when you like a variety of things from so many different styles? First off, do not feel as though you need to fit a certain design mold. It is ultimately your choice on how you mix and match styles based on your preferences. In this blog post, we would like to recommend three top questions to ask yourself when narrowing in on your design style.

What are your favorite color palettes?

Color is an incredible means to see the world. Not only does it affect how we perceive in a visual sense, but it also affects how we feel. Have you ever noticed entering a bright yellow room you often feel awake and alive? Whereas a dark blue room feels soothing and cozy? When choosing colors for your decor, furniture, and walls here are a few of our recommendations. If you are going for a warm and inviting space, lean towards light beige and taupe color accents. On the other hand, if you are going for a clean and cozy vibe, whites and grays will be the perfect touch! Our suggestion is to choose one or two pops of color to incorporate in your space alongside two neutrals. This provides balance and an overall cohesive theme.

What are your favorite metal finishes?

Metal finishes are not always the top thing on an individual’s mind when figuring out a design style. However, this is a very important step in the discovery process. A few of the most popular selections on the market are chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and polished brass. We suggest having one primary finish in your home’s decor with one additional for hardware throughout the home if needed.

What is your favorite texture?

One of the final elements of a design is texture. There are so many textures to incorporate your style that can add flavor and a personal touch! When it comes to your design style, the texture is the icing on the cake! Whether that be rattan, leather, wicker, cloth, wood or glass, you are sure to set your home up for success by adding an unique element! Our recommendation is to aim for two textures in a given space. Have the same textures be similar shapes and tones for a nice, cohesive feel.

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Why We Need Christmas this Year

2020 will definitely be a year that we never forget. As we reflect on this year and all that has transpired, many emotions and thoughts fill our minds. For you, some of those thoughts may be fear and uncertainty, slow-pace, new normal, or simply a reset. Regardless of where you are at, we would like to remind you that no moment, day, or year is wasted if growth is a byproduct. In this blog post, we would like to highlight a few reasons why we truly need Christmas this year.

A Time to Cherish

Christmastime is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, enjoy time with loved ones, and make memories. This year has shown us how time is something to be cherished. As the Christmas season is upon us, what better time than now to show our loved ones we care? This year may look different with celebrations, but there is always a way to show our family and friends we care and how important they are to us.

christmas cookies

Unexpected Gifts

As we celebrate the greatest gift on Christmas day, we bless those we love with gifts as a way to show we care and love them. This year, it has been easy to see that the greatest gifts are not always those found under a tree. Rather, the gift of time, family, and community are of great importance as we seek to spend time with those we love. A reality check, yes… but what an excellent opportunity to reevaluate as we prepare for a new year.

christmas gift

A Hope Outside of this World

This year has been filled with significant uncertainty as our personal worlds have felt shaken from the pace we once lived. However, it is times like these; we are reminded of how short and unpredictable life is. This is why having hope outside of this world is so important. As believers, we have security in our faith and hope in our Savior. We can cling to a hope that will one day be manifested. In turn, it gives us hope, joy, and confidence in the struggle, knowing joy and celebration are on the horizon.

candle light

From our business to your home, Merry Christmas!

May this holiday season bring you hope, peace, and joy as you celebrate with your loved one of our Savior’s birth. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Decorating on a Budget

With a blink of an eye, another season passes us by. As the cold weather comes to stay and holiday tunes begin to play, it is evident that the Christmas season is finally here! With all of the excitement that comes with the holidays, it can often add uncertainty about decorating the home on a budget. Thankfully, we understand this happens for many and would like to provide our top three tips on how to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

Accentuate Your Current Decor with a Winter Twist.

Our first recommendation when decorating your home for the holidays is utilizing what you currently have set out. Many feel pressure to take down all their current decor and replace it with all-things Christmas. Not only does this get pricey, but it also can get labor-intensive- glance over your living spaces in which you desire to decorate. Place the knick-knack items, picture frames, and coffee table books in a box and store them away. Keep your oversized items in place, but add Christmas flavor to it. Here are a few examples that may help… on your fireplace or entertainment center, put an evergreen garland with a few pinecones. Or place a favorite Christmas book on your coffee table with a reindeer figurine. In place of picture frames, put a nativity. When we seek to accentuate our current decor with a winter twist, we not only make it decorating less daunting and allow for the transition from Christmas to winter to be subtle. Decorations can remain up past December 26.

Use Your Christmas Tree as the Focal Point.

Is there a better focal point in a house than a classic Christmas tree? Place your Christmas tree in a living space that is used often and can be enjoyed by all. We always recommend having a statement tree topper that fits your style and space. Whether you enjoy decorating your tree with classic ornaments or a variety of crafts from the kiddos and a few sentimental ornaments, a Christmas tree is an excellent way to display creativity and share your story. One of our favorite ways to unify a tree with various ornaments is to have a theme each year that you focus on, such as snowmen, woodland, traditional, or a little bit of everything.

Less is More.

Our final tip to remember when decorating on a budget is that less is more. Remember, your home doesn’t need to sing Christmas tunes for it to be a space filled with holiday cheer. This should allow you to decorate as you best see fit for the season of life you’re in. When it comes to holiday decorations, remember that you can decorate how you choose. Your home doesn’t belong on HGTV. It belongs to your family, so remember to incorporate your story and interests throughout.

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Discovering the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet for You

The Kitchen… a place we all know and love.  A space for meals to be made and memories to be cherished. When selecting kitchen cabinets, there are so many options to choose from that it can seem daunting. In this blog post, we are here to help guide you in discovering the best kitchen cabinet for you!


Inset, Shaker, Flat? Regardless of your preference, all of these refer to the actual design of the cabinet and how the door fits in the cabinet and the style of the door itself.

Here are a few pictures to aid in figuring out a general preference. *picture linked to pinterest creator*

Paint / Stain

When it comes to choosing a paint/stain for your kitchen cabinet, consider what are you drawn towards in kitchens you have seen? Do you like clean and simple? Appreciate warm tones incorporated throughout? Do you like a bold splash of color? All of these will give guidance as you choose your style. We recommend considering styles that are timeless and incorporating your style in the backsplash and hardware. What do we mean by timeless? Choosing something that you know will appeal to a buyer in 10 years is a good rule of thumb. Soft white or a light, is nice and classic and will be a good selling point if you choose to do so.

Finishing Touches

Finally, incorporating unique finishing touches will add both character and style to your kitchen space. A few of our favorite finishing touches are crown molding, the legs of the cabinetry, and what kind of countertop you pair with it. Floating shelves or glass cabinets are also a unique way to add interest to your space. When choosing your cabinetry style, consider a unique element that you like and run with it!

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Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

Summer has officially passed and the fall season is upon us! As the nights get longer and the air gets crisper, a wonderful season comes. We don’t know about you, but fall is one of our favorite seasons to enjoy! The bonfires, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and crisp leaves are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. When it comes to decorating for fall, it can oftentimes feel unnecessary when the summer flowers and porch furniture is out. However, adding a few fall elements to your front porch will give a fresh new look that will be sure to invite any guest in! Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate the front porch.

Chrysanthemums (Mums)

What better way to add color to your front porch than with bright colored flowers? Originating in in East Asia, the Chrysanthemum (also known as Mums) come in a variety of colors such as yellow, burgundy, purple, and red. Find a few mum plants that are just about to bloom and consider transplanting them in a pot for a nice, finishing touch. We also recommend using a plant stand or crate box to have a variety of heights to give some flavor and interest to your space.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Who really could decorate a front porch for autumn without a nice pumpkin and a variety of gourds? Pumpkins and gourds add a wonderful burst of bright orange and warm tones to any front porch. We like varying the size of the gourds to give character and interest to your porch. Consider having them trail down the stair in a variety of directions to give a natural, whimsical look.


Our final recommendation is to add a classic lantern or two to your porch for a classic twist. We suggest purchasing a lantern with a battery LED flickering light to add a cozy ambiance to your porch. This is an unexpected touch that will leave a lasting impression that can be a wonderful final touch.

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Fun Things to do this Fall (Despite Covid!)

Summer is starting to slow down and the nights are getting cool and crisp. The wonderful season of Fall will soon be in the air. It gives us time to enjoy colored leaves, bonfires and all things pumpkin. Here are a few of our favorite activities to enjoy this fall despite covid.

Peach / Apple Picking

Do you enjoy fresh fruit and delicious deserts? Fruit are wonderful treats that can be enjoyed as a healthy snack or in a scrumptious desert. What better way to collect fruit than grabbing your family or friends and go fruit picking at a local orchard? Peach picking continues for about one more week and apple picking will begin about mid-September. Not only is this a wonderful activity for the entire family, but you can also save money by picking yourself as well!

Carving a Pumpkin

This may sound cliché, and we agree it is. What better way to enjoy the autumn season than to carve a smiley face or fun design on a pumpkin? Grab a pumpkin, no matter how big or small, and find a design that says it all. Grab a knife and a friend and begin your masterpiece. When finished display your work of art on the front porch or back deck to enjoy.


Our final recommendation for a fall activity is to go hiking and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. Find a loved one and hike local or take a road trip to your favorite destination to enjoy the sights, sounds, and aroma of fall. A few of our favorite locations are Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mt. Baldhead, or Mt. Pisgah.

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5 Ways to Be Productive this Fall

Back to school and new routines give us the opportunity to start fresh and begin new schedules and habits. Do you struggle with finding motivation to stay disciplined and check things off your to-do list? New seasons provide excellent opportunities to take a reset and begin making a change. What better time than now, as we prepare for the fall, to adapt new patterns in our lives? Here are our top 5 ways to be productive this fall.

Write it Down

Our first recommendation is to write down your to-do’s, priorities, and anything that you would like to incorporate into your day. This may be tasks such as occupational work, household tasks, or errands. It is important to have all of your tasks in one location. This will allow you to remember what you need to do as well as mix and match your tasks to give variety to your day.

Prioritize To-Do’s

Next, it is important to prioritize your to-do’s ineffective orders at strategic times. Even if you are organized with writing your tasks down, it is important to prioritize them in an order that is thought-out and specialized in suiting your productivity-style best. What do we mean by this? Consider putting the longer, less-appealing tasks towards the beginning of the day so that they are accomplished and do not weigh on you. In the afternoon, consider adding a more enjoyable task after lunch and tackle a few more to-dos before the end of the day.

Designated Times for Productivity

When are you most productive? First thing or later in the day? Knowing your peak for productivity is crucial to make the most of your day. We recommend starting your day off with something enjoyable and also something that helps get your mind thinking or body moving. This could be reading a book or taking a short walk. Knowing your peak in productivity will help you accomplish tasks efficiently and give you motivation to continue moving forward with the next task at hand.

Designated Times for Breaks

Similarly, it is important to have designated breaks throughout your day. When we have breaks at strategic times, it helps give us motivation to continue to be effective at our other tasks. A break should be about 15 minutes and puts your current attention in a different place. We recommend one break for every 2 hours of work.

Day of Rest

In the Bible, God emphasizes the importance of a rest day by setting an example for us. Hard work is important but intentional, life-giving rest is also needed for us to grow and flourish. We recommend having set aside time to rest, grow, and thrive. When we have a set day or time once a week to rest and rejuvenate, we will be more productive in our work.

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